Bill of Material Generator

Bill of Material Generator


Our USA based client manufactures cubical curtains for the healthcare industry. They were facing problems for tracking and managing quotes, cost estimation and determining BOM. They wanted a web application that could be accessed by their distributors so that the specification entered by them was directly available to manufacturers. The key objective was to develop a small, light and portable application that smoothen their process.

Key challenges were:

  • Convert the Photoshop design file into Silverlight XAML design with an animation
  • Graphical representation of Curtains as per the curtain shape selection


Stellar Tech developed a web based applications on Microsoft Silverlight platform with following core features:

  • Administration: This module takes care of master data like users, distributors, tiers, default values, etc.
  • Distributor: This module manages following activities:
    • Manage Users: It facilitates distributors to create and manage users on their premise.
    • Manage Sales Distributors: A distributor can select a sales person who makes sure that the distributor will get their material/product as per their quotation.
    • Quote Management:
      • A distributor can generate and manage its customers' profiles
      • Track the specification of curtains per room
      • Estimate cost per room and total
      • Generate quotation and BOM
      • Based on given specification of curtains and required hardware, a graphical representation of rails is created having information like Track type, Room and total quantity.
    • My Account: It helps users to manage their own login credential and profile details.
    • Reports: It provides reports on sale cost, trace materials on high demand, etc.
  • Sales: A sales person can see curtain and room cost per customer as well as can manage credentials and profile details of his account.


Bill of Material Generator application offers following benefits.

  • Curtains and hardware specs management for individual room and customers will become easy
  • Cost estimation is done automatically based on provided quote. Hence, it reduces efforts for complex calculations and saves time.
  • Generation of BOM will become easy and error free.
  • It will help to estimate stoke/production of required hardware.


  • Programming Language: C#
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Framework: Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio, Silverlight
  • Reporting tool: Crystal Report
  • Other Tool: Microsoft Expression Blend