Civil Project Management

Civil Project Management


Client is US based and develops software targeting Civil Industry. Client wanted to develop a software solution which can help surveying and engineering firms in managing and monitoring survey projects from start to finish as well as tracks employees, finances, and projects smoothly.

They work in demanding environment which requires constant changes in the system and customizations as per his customer needs. He wanted easy-to-use, fully customizable and hosted solution with user friendly UI. Client insisted on automating as many features as possible in the system like invoice generation, automated mailing, payroll, timesheet management and reporting.


Stellar Tech provided a web-based SaaS solution using Microsoft Technology (Microsoft .NET and SQL Server) with following features.

  1. Unique Features:
    • AJAX-based customizable simple User Interface
    • User-defined menu, controls and modules.
    • User-defined forms, fields and values.
  2. Project Management:
    • Manage small, medium and large projects
    • Plan projects, track time investment, and monitor the progress based on the defined milestones
    • Template-based workflow
    • Advanced resource management and scheduling
    • Issue registration and management
    • Online document management
  3. Client Management:
    • Portfolio management
    • Financial analysis like cost/revenue, line/item expenses/revenues.
  4. Employee Management:
    • Manage employee database
    • Resource planning based on employees
    • Payroll and salary management
    • Track time of each employee and timesheet management
    • Personal and shared calendars
  5. Complete Accounting Module:
    • Automated invoicing and billing
    • Track accounting transactions
    • Payroll
    • Financial analysis like profit/loss etc
    • Planning and budgeting
  6. Alerts and Notifications:
    • Project Management alerts like alerts on reasons for delay in work completion and deadlines
    • Client Alerts on loss/profit/delay in payment etc
    • Accounting Alerts
  7. Customized Reporting Module
  8. Automated backups on server


  • Client has been successful in selling this product to more than 35 surveying and engineering firms.
  • The product has helped companies to manage civil projects more effectively with lesser errors and mistakes.
  • Automated processes have made the implementation of projects faster
  • System has increased the efficiency of Employees
  • Client's management has been more effective.
  • Software made the project fully customizable


  • Application Server: Windows
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: ASP.Net using VB.Net
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio

Third party components/applications:

  • Intersoft WebUI Studio.NET
  • Ajax Toolkis
  • Free Text box
  • PetersDatePackage
  • PDF Generator
  • Yahoo Maps
  • Google Gear