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Corporate Intranet CRM



Corporate Intranet CRM

Stellar Tech developed the Corporate Intranet Portal based on Salesforce which helps the organization with the leads details interested in the foreign exchange services. The core features are:

  • Account creations: New accounts are created using the Visualforce form integrated with the website. With the validation rules defined in Salesforce it verifies that each owner must hold the predefined number of accounts as defined for each role type.
  • Web-To-Lead: This feature helps to post the leads using the websites for subscription of market commentary, support or feedback directly to the Salesforce application.
  • Email Templates: Separate Email templates are created using Salesforce for various notifications
  • Salesforce APIs: Salesforce APIs is integrated with the existing system to sync the data simultaneously to keep data up-to-date in the Salesforce and system database. The records deleted from Salesforce are updated to the system database by integrating Salesforce API.
  • Schedulers: It is run at regular intervals for Journal updates and to check and update Saleforce and system database timely.
  • PDF Generations: Online registration form can be generated as a PDF


  • Platform: Salesforce
  • Tools & Technology: Microsoft C# .NET, Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • UI Development Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Reporting Tool: SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Server: Windows Server