Document and Request Management System

Document and Request Management System


Our UAE based client, having a chain of restaurants, was facing problems in day to day coordination as many of the tasks were handled manually and information was distributed over different branches. The quality of their service was at stake and it was also difficult to manage discrete resources. They required application that can handle their complex internal workflow regardless of isolated branches and departments. Furthermore, the solution should be able to fill the gap into existing workflow, smoothen and improve it.

Key challenges were:

  • Create BDC Model for Oracle connectivity
  • Bind External list content (from Oracle) with document template
  • Integrate SSRS with SharePoint


Stellar Tech developed The Document and Request Management System, an intranet web application, based on SharePoint Server. The Document and Request Management system handles workflow in HR, Document library, Request handling and Event or Appointment Management. In each workflow, specific users have permission to carry out specific task. To make sure that each user can carry out their task successfully, as per user's job responsibility, two to five access levels has been defined in the workflow. The main processes carried out in each workflow are explained below.

  • Document Management
    • A Document Library is configured to contain five libraries: Employees, Admin Section, Managers, Branches and Public Section
    • Each library has predefined permission which can be customized as per users' requirement
    • An authenticated user can create, upload and search documents in the libraries
    • It also facilitates custom templates for different business processes. For example, template for Notice Contract
    • Route a document for review and sent back to its owner when workflow is completed
    • Users can also upload documents or pictures in "My Site" and share them
  • Calendar
    • Manage appointments and events
    • Set calendar type like Gregorian, Hijri, etc.
  • HR workflow
    • Employee Budget
      • Define region and branch wise employee budget
      • Approve requirement
    • Employee transfer
      • Request for employee transfer
      • Regional manager will approve or reject the employee transfer request
      • Modify employee transfer details if rejected by regional manger
    • Contract Expiration
      • Get alert for employee contracts nearing the expiry date
      • Approve / renew contract
      • Create notice contract automatically and notify HR about the status of contract
    • Quick Pay
      • List of employees with their payment details
      • Set payment method and approve the task
  • Request Management
    • Complaint management
      • Define and manage complain category
      • Define and manage group of person who are responsible for solving complaints
      • Raise Complaint
      • Assign a complaint to a responsible person
      • If a complaint is not solved, it will be forwarded to other responsible person
    • Equipment supplies request
      • Raise request
      • Regional Manager will approve/reject the request
      • The details of the request needs to be modified if Regional manager will reject it
      • Transfer requested equipment
    • Job Order
      • Define job details
      • Responsible Maintenance supervisor will receive jobs
      • Assign the job to a worker
      • Complete the job
    • Vehicle maintenance
      • Define vehicle maintenance task
      • Responsible maintenance supervisor will receive the task
      • Assign the vehicle maintenance task to a worker
      • Complete the vehicle maintenance task
  • Reports
    • Budget Matrix: it shows availability of employees with respect to actual required employees for each job position at each branch and region
    • Penalty: show area and branch wise paid penalties with Information
  • Admin: It contains required settings to manage the site. For example, site permission, SharePoint user group, regional settings define and customize site configure parameters and set up timer job application.


  • Eliminates manual work, fill the gap and improve the existing workflow
  • Because of defined permission level, only intended users will get intended information and can execute intended task
  • Each day a user is loaded with different tasks and requests. The Document and Request Management system will help them to prioritize their task and complete them on time successfully.
  • Easy to track the statuses of any work or task.
  • It enables to identify bottleneck at any stage and hence proper decision or solution can be taken at right time
  • Sharing of information among several users or group is now possible and easy


  • Framework: Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Development Tool: Microsoft SharePoint Server Standard Edition