Mining Survey

Mining Survey


Client is South Africa based and active in Mining Industry. He wanted to automate business process from quote generation to Job Inspection. Client was looking for web-based solution with quotation generation, timesheet management, Job Inspection through timesheets, Job scheduling and reporting module

The challenge was to develop web-based solution incorporating all the features along with customizable forms for generating quotations and customizable reporting module.


Stellar Tech provided a web-based solution using Microsoft Technology (Microsoft .NET and SQL Server, InfoPath) with following features.

  1. Quotation Module:
    • System offers customizable forms to generate quotations using XSN (InfoPath)
    • Creation of new quotation, edit an existing quotation or cancel a quotation
    • Association with performer
    • Various calculations on Travelling Details, Working Details, Accommodation Details and Other Costs Details
    • Workflow Management for quotation's process
  2. Scheduling Module:
    • Allows scheduling jobs.
    • Manage Jobs
    • De-schedule, postpone jobs
    • Calendar for managing jobs effectively
  3. Timesheet Module:
    • Manage time investment on various activities specific to a job
  4. Customizable Reporting Module:
    • Customizable reporting using XSN
    • Various reports on Quotations, Jobs and Timesheets


Client is successfully using this solution at South African branch for managing jobs, quotes, and timesheets. It has helped client in following way.

  • Quotations are provided in time
  • No loss of any quote or data due to transparency of the system
  • Time investment of various users is effectively tracked which is helping the upper management on planning various activities
  • Customizable Reports has helped them to get the right information at the right time.
  • Job Scheduling, monitoring of jobs has been much easier than manual processes.


  • Operating System: Windows
  • Frame Work: .NET
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Database: MS SQL
  • Development Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio