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Purchase Order System

As the business grows, it becomes essential to streamline purchase processes. In order to purchase wisely, it is required to buy the right quality and quantity of materials at the best possible price from the best supplier.

With the intention to find reliable and competitively-priced supplier, our client approached Stellar Tech to design, implement and automate business process workflow for purchase order processes using flexible architecture of Camunda BPM platform.

The main objective of "Purchase Order System" is to standardized supplier selection and purchase processes along with few others as mentioned below:

  • Facilitating mailbox processing to search for XML attachments in emails and performing validation for XML files found against set of XSD files
  • Automatic report generations from XML files at periodic time interval
  • Implementation of "Steel Purchase" application using Camunda/ Activity BPMN processes framework.
  • Generating reports for different phases of "Steel Purchase" application
  • Automatic email sending for purchase request invoices to suppliers after analyzing quotations from all suppliers.
  • Workflow automation with extensive use of Camunda BPMN engine


Stellar Tech has developed a java based application for Purchase Order processes using light-weight workflow "Activiti" and Business Process Management (BPM) platform.

Below is the brief descriptions of core modules included in Purchase Order application.

Mailbox Processing Module

  • It facilitates downloading of all emails from mailbox and storing them in database for later reference.
  • System performs periodic check for any new email arrived in mailbox
  • It allow to parse and process all emails in order to locate and download a predefined XML formatted file
  • System performs validation of XML files identified against a number of available XSD files. It also specifies latest XSD for which XML file successfully validated.
  • Incorporated scheduler that periodically run to parse, process and validate XML files

Steel Purchase Module

  • Ability to generate material request reports
  • Offers quotation report generation based on supplier prices for different materials
  • Generating purchase planning report based on supplier quotation, supplier stock and required material specification/ parameters.
  • Generating purchase order report for each qualified supplier for a specific material request
  • System will automatically send email for purchase order invoice to suppliers.
  • Email notification to Purchase Manager for any un-acknowledged purchase order(s)


Our solution has offered business owners to have better understanding, control and management of costs with an effective purchase order generation.

  • Inclusion of different approvals required during purchase order process
  • Ensure effective budget management and understanding of different costs incurred proactively.
  • An automated sending of purchase order invoices to suppliers offers time and efforts saving for staff members with significant reduction of human error whilst data entry for purchase order generation.


  • Development Platform: Eclipse IDE
  • Database: Oracle 11g
  • Technology: Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Activiti/Camunda BPMN
  • Reporting Technology: Jasper Reports