Security Surveillance System

Security Surveillance System


Our South Africa based client wanted to develop a Security Surveillance System which can monitor all the activities within the company location and take preventive measures from other unforeseen circumstances. Security surveillance system fulfill all security need in one Dashboard screen. The system behavior is bound to the access permission of the person accessing the system.

Key challenges were:

  • Hardware study and integration with the system
  • Network related issues


Stellar Tech developed a Desktop based application, known as The Security Surveillance System, based on Microsoft .NET technology. The Security Surveillance System manages the overall access to the client site. It aims at plotting the devices logically while they are setup physically onto a particular location in the site. Once devices are logically plotted into the system, alarm settings pertaining to the failure of the device, details logs and resolution procedure in order to track the solution can be entered into the system. Administrator of the system can create users, enroll a user to a particular task, decide the guard tours and their timings, manage user designation, manage system settings and manage the video playback views. Following are the core modules of the Security Surveillance system:

  • Dashboard
    • Alarms window enable user to view Alarm and associated device details based on the priority; acknowledge alarm so that it is removed from the dashboard.
    • A Mimic Panel at the center of the dashboard. It provides detail on sitemap location and the devices plotted on those locations whether they are Active/Inactive.
    • Device Statistics enable the user to view the status of the devices in the system. It provides information on number of devices installed, currently operational and failed devices.
    • Event viewer acts as activity log which enable user to view information and transaction related events.
    • User Tracing window on the dashboard enable user to trace the In and Out details by typing in the name of the desired user.
  • Video Wall
    • Enable users to create, select and delete pre-sets.
    • Users can view the current video playback for the selected camera.
    • Option to view the recorded camera feed.
    • Export the recorded video.
    • Take snapshot of the current view.
  • Guard Tour
    • Guard tour enable user to create, assign and delete guard tour to different person.
    • User can assign specific time duration for the guard tour.
    • Track if user has followed specific time of the tour or in between stoppages are as per allowed parameters.
  • Plot device
    • User can create new devices into the system
    • Assign specific controllers to the devices.
    • Select specific device from the list of selected ones.
    • Edit the properties of the selected devices.
    • Add the screenshot of the site location.
  • Administrator Controls
    • Access Role
      • Helps to create different access role in the system. User can edit or delete the roles.
      • Later, access roles can be assigned to a specific user.
    • Enrollment User
      • Create users who have an access to different gates or locations in the site.
      • Once user is created, system provides facility to scan the finger prints of enrolled user. Once finger prints are scanned, system automatically distinguishes the fingers for which the fingerprints are scanned.
      • Access card with unique access card number can be allocated for the user.
      • It also helps to select the created user as a system user who is a person responsible to use the system who can/cannot have access card assigned to them.
    • Display device property
      • System lists the available devices in the system.
      • User can decide whether a particular device should be shown into the Mimic Panel or not.
    • Designation Lookup
      • User can add designation type for the users.
      • User can also decide whether designation should be assigned a Guard Tour.
      • User can change the status of the designation to Active/Inactive.
    • Devices
      • User can view the list of various devices installed in the system and hence the site.
      • User can know the parent device type, model of the device, direction in which the device is installed, alarm setting, whether the device is faulty, active or inactive.
      • User can view device details by double clicking on it.
    • Data Management
      • User can back up the data based on the specified timings.
      • User can also export the data or export and delete the entire data from the system.
    • Alarm Settings
      • Lists various devices and models installed on the system.
      • User can assign various levels (e.g. online, offline, closed, open) to the models.
      • Select various transaction type a device can handle.
      • User can specify if for a selected device, model, level and transaction type an alarm is raised.


  • By implementing the above features following results were achieved:
  • Easy to operate system which covers all the Security related functionalities
  • A hawk’s eye view of all the functionalities/information on the dashboard at one place.
  • User management and role management integrated into the system.


  • Framework: Microsoft .Net Framework, WPF
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server R2, SSRS