Supermarket POS

Supermarket POS


Our client wanted windows based Point of Sale System, where data had to be collected primarily at the point of sale and subsequently uploaded to headquarters. Hence synchronization with server is required because a single remote user (typically a sales clerk) might be updating a given piece of data.

Developing a powerful POS system also requires integration of sales, inventory, purchase, accounting and bookkeeping functions into one application.


To develop a client-server based application for retail industry to automate checkout transactions at any retail outlet or supermarket chain.

Key Challenges of the project were:

  • Developing and integrating total accounting modules including calculation of VAT, Tax, Foreign Exchange Gain or loss etc.
  • Live transaction monitoring of 6 different Tills from Head Office


Stellar Tech developed a system that is highly effective in managing the retail checkouts while meeting the following requirements:

  • Facility to synchronize data of multiple branches with head office either online using internet or offline using flash disk or CD or any other media
  • Customer loyalty module involving gift voucher and promotional plan facilities
  • Currency management with exchange rate change effects with one base currency
  • Multi company and Multi Till option controlled by licensing system
  • Multi branches and Multi location support
  • Facility to transfer and manage items between all branches
  • Online Authorization options for Purchase Order, Goods Received Note, Purchase Invoices, Price Change, Price List, Credit Customer etc.
  • Online Credit Card Verification and Payment Acceptance to be done
  • Facility to manage multiple price change, short expiry price change and item selling price change
  • Full fledge accounting module with Forex gain/loss calculation and report generation
  • Compliant with Wi-Fi enabled data collectors like PDA for physical stock management
  • Mailbox for every user with popup facility when there is any authorization request
  • Stock valuation on basis of FIFO, Last Cost, and Last Price & Average Cost
  • Barcode and Shelf label printing
  • Orders or quotes can be directly sent to supplier or customer on Email or can be printed
  • Stand alone as well as clubbed reports generation of all branches.
  • Reporting facility with option to print, email and export to Word, Excel and PDF


Supermarket POS system provided better picture of product lifecycles, customer buying patterns, seasonal trends, and much more. The system offered following benefits to our client:

  • Simple - POS functions laid out in an easily understandable manner
  • Efficient - Know exactly your inventory level and re-order quantity and time
  • Convenient - Tracking of sales and inventory data of all branches from central location
  • Customizable - Option to add custom defined fields and user defined captions to be used for printing formats
  • Flexible - Facility to migrate data from Offline Database to Online Database and vice-a-versa


  • Server: Microsoft Windows Server
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: VB.Net
  • Database: SQL Server and MySQL
  • Framework: Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Reporting Tool: Crystal Report