Business processes are part of every organization and Information Technology has enabled its automation with the help of Enterprise Applications. However, in today’s global business environment these applications are distributed across various software platforms and geographic locations. So, while thinking about automating a complete business process we need a platform or technology which integrates multiple applications irrespective of their technology and location. BizTalk Server is one such application developed by Microsoft to accomplish the possibility of integrating heterogeneous systems. Even though it resembles the role of a connectivity server, it can be used as a business intelligence tool, pub/sub messaging hub and business process workflow engine as well.

Stellar Tech has a team of expert BizTalk Developers who can understand your business processes and analyze the existing software applications to develop and deploy the enterprise application, which can automate your entire business processes. BizTalk Development team at Stellar Tech are experienced in developing adapters to connect to diverse applications, data mapping tools to translate data, and orchestration engines to run the logic that controls the process. We ensure a smooth and flawless business process automation within and between organizations using BizTalk Server.


We offer comprehensive BizTalk Development Services to allow our clients to seamlessly exchange data in the applications.

  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Development of Custom Port and Adapters
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Development of Schemas, Maps, and Orchestrations
  • Migration Services
  • Upgrade to trending version of BizTalk
  • Design business rules and automating business processes


Stellar Tech provides consulting services, development and maintenance of Microsoft BizTalk applications in a cost effective manner. We have expertise in following areas:

  • Application Deployment
  • Adapters
  • BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT (MT564 and MT568)
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Business Process
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Health Activity Tracking (HAT)
  • Maps
  • Messages
  • Orchestrations
  • Pipelines
  • Schemas


  • BizTalk Mapping, Orchestration
  • Custom Component Development
  • Working With File, SMTP, SFTP, WCF Adapters
  • BizTalk extension creation and modification
  • EDI and HIPAA solutions
  • Handling different EDI documents like X12_4001_816, X12_4001_888, X12_4001_947, X12_4001_846, X12_4001_850, X12_4001_861, X12_4001_940, X12_4001_856, X12_4001_180, X12_4001_867, X12_4001_850 etc.
  • Custom pipeline component development for error handling
  • Complex schema generation


BizTalk Application

BizTalk Application

Microsoft BizTalk Server, SWIFT Accelerator, ASP .Net/C#, AJAX, MS SQL Server

This server application works as a corporate side message translation system. It can easily read and interpret message file and edit it as required by using predefined rules and finally send the file to the intended source. It also aids custom rule creation.

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We have offered BizTalk Applications Development services to help our clients with the quality end-to-end solutions.

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