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Software Outsourcing Issues

1. Offshore software outsourcing service provider selection - Vendor Selection

Information Technology Outsourcing deals many times fails because of wrong vendor selection, as vendor selection is based on price alone. Cost is often the prime factor for outsourcing, and it is definitely important. However, cost should not be the only driving factor of vendor selection process.

Cost : Every company is in the business to make money and so are the offshore service providers. If you push them on the wall for price, at the end, they will find a way to earn money. It is better to have a contract which is fair to both parties.

Technical skills : There are different horses for different courses. And you have to choose the right one for your job. You need to assess the capabilities and experience of service provider.

Stellar Tech Approach

While discussing Information Technology Outsourcing with our clients, we are very much open. Many of our clients know about the salary of employees and profit margin of Stellar Tech. We give rates which are fair at both ends and our rates depends on level of programmer's skills, experience and ability. Rather than employing any body, we maintain standards while selecting people. We access our strength and weakness, capabilities and limitations. We are not one stop Information Technology service providers. We concentrate in our domain to get maximum expertise.