Where do you have your client base?

Stellar Tech offers offshore software outsourcing services and have substantial client base in America, Europe, Canada, Australia and Middle East.

What are the main advantages of working with Stellar Tech?

Stellar Tech delivers cutting edge solutions for your requirements at a cost effective rate. We ensure high quality solutions will be delivered on time. Data confidentiality is guaranteed. IP and coding rights will be with clients. Detail information is available under ?Why Stellar Tech? menu.

What type of quality certifications does the company have?

Stellar Tech is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for custom development work and Mobile Solutions .We are also undergoing CMMi 3 process implementation.

What are the services you offer?

Stellar Tech offers offshore outsourcing services for application development, ecommerce development, custom web development, software migration and application maintenance.

How well do the liaison staff speaks and write English?

Our team consists of developers, managers, marketing executives, and HR executives who are professionally qualified and proficient in English language. English proficiency and technical expertise are pre-requisite for Project Managers/ Project Leaders.

Can you provide me some details about your company?

We are a organization comprising of 108 people strong team. Our development team consist of project managers, project leaders, software developers and testers all having vast experience in their respective areas of work.

What is the educational level do your employees have?

All the employees in the IT department possess Masters degree in Computer Application or are computer engineers. Our non-technical employees are management graduates & post-graduates.


Which programming languages and technologies do you work on?

Currently we are providing service in .NET Technology, PHP, BizTalk & SharePoint development as well as rich internet application development (flex & Silverlight).

What Kind of projects you have accomplished?

Ecommerce, shopping cart, CMS, CRM, Real Estate, Hospitality, Banking, Finance, Social Networking, web portals, Oil and Gas etc. To know more about industry we have served, please visit our portfolio section.


What are the requirements for providing quotations?

To receive proposal with actual time line and cost, detailed requirements/feature list are needed. However, if you do not have it, basic requirements or some idea about what you need to develop is enough to start with. Our analyst team will communicate with you to create feature list to define scope of your project.

Why do you believe we should choose your organization instead of a competitor?

Because we are client centric, technology driven and committed. A one-time sale is not we look out for but building long-term relationships with our clients is our sole motive. We are honest about our specializations and shortcomings. We are transparent and never over commit.

What are your Hiring Models?

Based on requirement, Client can choose from the different Hiring Models we offer:

  • Fixed Cost Model: In this model, we do work on fixed cost basis wherein specifications are fixed and we provide time and cost estimation before start of the project.
  • Time and Material Model: In this model, the specifications are dynamic and so the client pays depending on the time invested in completion of the project. a. Hourly Basis b. Monthly Basis
  • ODC Model: client can appoint our dedicated team for there work. Client has direct control over the team. They guide the team as per requirements as well as reporting is done directly to client.

What kind of development processes/methodologies have you been working with?

Generally, prototype development with agile/waterfall model is most suited for small to mid sized projects. Following are the steps of a typical 3-tier project we develop

  • Requirement analysis and clarification from client, use-case diagrams from clients are more preferred
  • Prototype Development - Prototype Approval by client
  • Modular implementation - Intermediary demos to client and client reviews / feedback, an iterative process till beta release
  • Implementation and testing - Deployment to client site/server and testing on client's server

Are your developers prepared to work for a certain period of time on client site?

Yes. We can send developers on certain terms and conditions onsite.

Please propose your contract change procedure and costs and responsibilities concerning it.

In the event of any change or addition in the project scope, client needs to fill a Change Request Form and submit to Stellar Tech for review. Stellar Tech shall check the feasibility and nature of change and accordingly advise for further action, which may include a new quote or hiring extra resources, etc. The Change can be requested from any client project manager or any authorized representative of the client. Change Request Form can be submitted to our Project Manager.

What is your development documentation process? Can you provide samples?

Depending on client requirement, documentation generally contains process flow diagram, code documentation with function name, purpose, pseudo code and database documentation with each field name and description. Also, general document contains installation information as well as maintenance information. When client require, we do create help manuals for end customers in .chm format.

How do you ensure me that high quality products/solutions will be delivered?

Three different types of testing are carried out to ensure high quality products are delivered.
(i) Unit Testing (ii) System Testing (iii) Acceptance Testing
Moreover, we routinely contact clients, show them demos, and as per their suggestions, move forward.


What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are flexible and depend on project size. Generally they are more related to successful completion of intermediary project stages.

How do you accept payment?

We accept payments through Wire Transfer.

Will you issue an invoice for my records here?

Yes, we issue invoice for all the payments made by the client