IT industry is synonymous with quality at great speed and affordable prices and therefore, there is a tremendous pressure on Today's IT professionals to maximize the software project deliverables, at the same time, control costs and manage risk and compliance. However, there is a major challenge to deliver business value from software outsourcing point of view, because:

  • 50% of all IT projects are delivered over budget (Gartner)
  • 50% of all IT projects fail to meet business objectives (Gartner)
  • 90% of all IT projects are delivered late (Aberdeen)

Our delivery model starts with understanding your business and further we seek to build strong offshore working relationships that deliver results. At Stellar Tech, we offer competitive pricing structure combined with unique on-site / offshore and a delivery methodology that helps deliver value from day one and complete projects within time. High quality commitments and innovative thinking are pre-requisites of our delivery model and are inherent in all our client engagements.

At Stellar Tech, we guarantee you the best possible low-cost quality solution delivered in time owing to our fully functional, scalable, networked and secure offshore computing and physical infrastructure facilities, combined with our unique onsite / offshore delivery model.